Task 13
Task 13
SHC Task 13

Advance Solar Low Energy Buildings

Project (Task) Description

Although energy consumption for heating has been greatly reduced in many countries over the last few years, the total energy consumption in building is still large warrants a serious effort to obtain further reductions.

Task 13 is working on that goal by identifying, developing, and testing new and innovative concepts which have the potential for eliminating or minimizing the use of purchased energy in residential buildings. Also included are the use of solar energy in residential buildings while maintaining acceptable comfort levels. Emphasis is placed on innovation and long- range cost-effectiveness.

The primary focus of the Task is on the application of passive and/or active solar technologies for space heating of single family and multi-family residential buildings. Also included are the use of solar energy technologies for cooling, ventilation and lighting, the use of photovoltaics for lighting and appliances, and energy conservation measures to reduce heating and cooling loads.

Various innovative solar materials and components which appear to have the potential for major energy savings are undergoing extensive testing and analysis in member countries. Results from the testing and analysis are being reflected in the designs of the Task 13 minimum energy demonstration houses. National designs are collectively critiqued by all participants to help ensure the most effective designs possible. After construction, these houses will be monitored to help evaluate how various energy techniques and design approaches work in real buildings.